Performing Arts Company November Club has become known for its exciting collaborative approach to working with heritage in North East England, most recently at National Trust property Seaton Delaval Hall. The company creates theatre in unusual places in collaboration with a range of artists from diverse practices, and the starting point for many of their ideas stem from research into local history and archival materials.

This ‘performance’ heritage trail takes place on the streets of Morpeth town centre and is inspired by archival material relating to visits to Morpeth by the Lord Sanger and Sons Circus and the unusual and intriguing story of Miss D’Jeck, an elephant with the Franconis Olympic Circus. This became the starting point of November Club’s explorations.

Together with the children they mapped the town centre and sought to create a playful route around the town following the devastation wrought upon it by an elephant that had escaped from the circus…

The following source materials have inspired this production

Circus on the A1, north of Alnwick

Circus on the A1, north of Alnwick

Reproduced with permission of Northumberland Archives.