November Club and Year 3 pupils from St Robert's RC First School, Oldgate, created a very special heritage trail around Morpeth town centre as part of Heritage Open Days 2011. Inspired by archival material about visits to Morpeth by the Lord Sanger and Sons Circus, they gathered memories, created new ones, and lost some very precious cargo along the way!

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How to use the map Sign post

Click on the red numbered disc to find out something interesting about the history of that point.

Click on the arrows to move to the next 
stop on the trail.

Alternatively click on 
any of the points listed below to take you 
straight there.

  1. Ha’ Hill
  2. Chantry Footbridge
  3. John Smail & Co.
  4. J&J. S. Mackay
  5. Market Place
  6. Horse’s Entry
  7. Wheatsheaf
  8. Outside Fawcett’s Yard
  9. Clock Tower
  10. St Robert of Newminster School
  11. Oldgate Bridge
  12. High Stanners